FOX Sports Mobile App Reviews

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Problem with getting current scores

A good app. But when choosing a conference in NCAA FB theres a problem with the date selector. I get only old games. Its a problem with timezones. Please fix it.


its a nice app.with sports from the usa

Big stuff

One of the Best sportsapp in the Store! Great One by FOX!

Very good sports mobile

The Fox sports mobile is very good. I live in Germany and i like the amercian Sports. I like The NFL. NHL NASCAR SERIES, with the Fox Sports mobile app is the Live Scores of the NFL. NHL NASCAR and the European Soccer League. My FAZIT is for amercian Sports Fan is the app very good and the live Radio is well done.

Cool app

...but where is the iPad version?

Fox Sports

This is just the APP l needed. Dos Sports, you are the best

Good app

This app is good when u just want to check up the scores


Needs more sports scores like NHL. Im sure it will be taken care of.

Not ready yet for NHL users....

Also some one-way navigation paths requiring an app restart

Needs soccer

Love the app. Its really quick to browse between pages and displays the scores in a nice layout. However seeing as there is no soccer support the app is lacking. FOX has a soccer website so I hope this means we will see soccer soon. Add soccer and this app will be the most used.

Great App

The best sports app for live coverage and scores. Also great news feeds.


Good info

Page unavailable

Totally useless. Since update every page says unavailabe. Useless.

Not helpful

The latest update makes reading the articles difficult. Too many line breaks and computer directions


Was amazing before the update. Now its unreadable with its impossible paragraphs and random numbers in the sentances. Probably going to delete soon if theres no update...


Amazing and packed with info

Its okay

Not the worst app out there but its very slow to update and only features headlines from the website. If you are interested in baseball go out and get the MLB at bat free app it updates much faster.

Great free app, the best sports app out there!

I love this new free app! It lets me choose my favorite sports and teams to view personalized news and scores. There are a lot of great features too... tons of stats, videos, and info about all my favorite teams and players. I like how I can personalize my location to get local news too. Actually the best thing in this app is the Gametrax... I can watch the progress of a live game in a really nice interface and get stats on each play instantly. Also lots of coverage, before and after each game... pretty amazing that its free. It looks really good on my iPhone, but you can use it for iPad too!

Weak NHL coverage

Meh. For a hockey fan, this is mostly worse than the official NHL Gamecenter app, which is pretty bad to begin with. It does have highlights (which the NHL app doesnt), but from the look of it, only for games that were on Fox Sports (most arent), and theyre poor quality anyway. I dont follow any of the other sports, but if I was, Id stick with SportsTap, which remains a better option for general sports scores, stats, and news. Also not impressed with the glowing 5-star reviews that were obviously planted by someone at Fox (or more likely, the developer they hired to build this crummy app). Id have given this two stars, but the fake reviews cost them another one.

5 days in doesnt load

Bizarre. I guess there is a major problem because 5 days after customizing the teams, the app wont load at all! I guess they are scrambling to fix it.

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